Organic Wine

The vineyard and winemaking complex of "Shirvan wines" LLC aims to contribute to the development of wine tourism in Azerbaijan and to take decent places in the field of organic wine production.

The vineyard with native and foreign grape varieties has been harvested in the territory of the complex, located in the village of Meysari in Shamakhi, besides, no chemicals are used to protect the products. Grapes harvested in natural conditions and only hand-picked. Since the artificial preservatives, dyes, aromatizers and other chemical components are not used in the wine production process, organic wines are rich in vitamins and minerals.

"Sadaf", "Marjan" and "Makhmari" wines, produced by "Shirvan wines" LLC under the brand of "Meysari", are distinguished by its own taste, color and aroma. The products are certified by French Ecocert. It has been awarded the Organic Certificate, recognized by EU since 2015, and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate.

Shirvan Wines

The Shirvan wines, created from the unity of rich tradition and modern technologies, are made from local and foreign grape varieties, grown in Meysari village, and differ with its unique taste and aroma.
The three types of wine named "Sadaf", "Marjan" and "Makhmari”, are produced under the brand of "Meysari" from 2017 wine harvest.


Viticulture is one of the oldest and traditional industries in Azerbaijan. In the middle of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, vine-growing and wine-making were developed on the basis of industrial principles, and the wines of Azerbaijan were recognized all over the world due to its high quality.

Back in the Soviet period, Azerbaijani wines were repeatedly awarded gold, silver medals and honorary diplomas at international exhibitions and competitions.

In those years, Shamakhi District was one of the largest vine-growing regions in Azerbaijan. The high-quality wine was produced in the vineyards of one of its          villages called Meysari.


Vine growing in Shamakhi region today is undergoing a new era of development. "Shirvan Wines" LLC was established here in 2014 to set up the vineyards and produce organic wines. 
The enterprise does not use chemicals during grape harvesting. The finished products will be certified by "Ecocert", French organic certification organization. 
A wine factory with an area of 4398 square meters was built in the vineyard within the wine complex of "Shirvan wines" LLC, which was put into operation in 2018 and supplied with equipment of the French company "Pera".
The plant aims to achieve an annual wine production of 1.4 million liters. Also, taking into account the tourism potential of the region, the goal of the enterprise is to organize touristic tours to the complex and, eventually, contribute to the winery tourism in our country.

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